Second Annual San Diego Comic Fest

About 6 year(s) ago by Best Western Seven Seas
San Diego Comic Fest
Pull that superhero costume out the closet! It’s time for the second annual San Diego Comic Fest. Fans of comic books, science fiction, graphic novels, and movies will come together for this intimate and friendly gathering. It’s the perfect place for fans to mingle with popular artists and writers who will be on hand to sign autographs and participate in interactive sessions. There’s a huge lineup of special guests that will be coming all the way from the UK and around the world. This year's featured Guest of Honor is Larry Niven, known across the globe for his epic science fiction series from 1970, Ringworld. Niven is a well-known writer on the comic book scene and has worked for the famous DC comics and a number of his stories have been turned into award-winning graphic novels.

Draco Tavern, based on Larry Niven's creation of Earth's only multispecies bar, will be open for the entire convention. Attendees can grab a drink, a cup of coffee, reasonably priced snack, or catch one of the live musical performances. It will be the social hub for comic fans to mingle and get to know each other. And finally, don't miss the grand finale event, the Masked Ball. This special evening will be packed with dancing, high-energy live music by a favorite local band, and many exciting surprises. Come dressed as your favorite character! All the fun takes place on October 4-6 at the Town and Country Convention Center, just steps from the Best Western Seven Seas.
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